Con-Tact® Brand Grip Prints™ Sonoma (Excel®)

Con-Tact® Brand Grip Prints™ Sonoma (Excel®)

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Con-Tact® Brand Grip Prints™ non-adhesive Sonoma (Excel®) design is a bold design lend a modern touch to our durable Grip Print. Featuring a classic Sonoma palette and a rendered in a natural texture, the perfect choice for outdoor entertaining, from casual settings to special occasions. Designed to coordinate with the rest of your eye-catching décor, which embodies chic-yet-effortless style. Sonoma (Excel®) is the stylish adhesive covering lays smoothly on existing surfaces without any fuss. 

Con-Tact Brand’s Grip Prints liner combines decorative patterns with the durable, cushioned grip liner to keep it in place without an adhesive backing. The decorative vinyl provides a smooth, water proof surface to help preserve shelves. Grip Prints is also stain resistant and washable by wiping clean with warm water and mild soap.

Caution: Not for use on lacquered or urethane surfaces, finish damage may occur.

Roll measures 12" x 5' and available as a self-adhesive option. View Creative Covering for product details.